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Karnal International School

Karnal International School is a leading premium K-12 institution in India. Our goal is to create highly interesting and rewarding learning experiences that will stay with children for the rest of their lives. Giving purpose to learning and allowing children to be thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers has been the guiding principle under which the school has nurtured several achievers in academics and beyond. KIS, Karnal, is a CBSE-affiliated, progressive K-12 school. Within a short span, KIS has earned a reputation as one of the high-potential Senior Secondary Schools. KIS forges ahead with its vision of preparing students to encounter a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, a global perspective, and respect for core values. KIS endeavors to build the overall learning process and development of your child starting from the early years. Progressive and secular in its philosophy, KIS follows a child-oriented approach, looking upon each child as an individual and providing an educational program that stresses the importance of the total development of the child – head, heart, and hand. Our aim is to help children realize their inner strength and provide them with a conducive environment to grow and evolve as good social beings and global citizens.

Our Vision

Karnal International School has grand vision of nurturing its students who are physically fit, academically sound, morally upright, mentally robust and socially well-adjusted skillful global leaders having excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Our Mission

Karnal International School is always in mission mode to prepare 'future fit, future ready' career oriented learners having traditional wisdom with modern scientific outlook, who after passing out from the portals of this grand institution will acquit well not only for themselves but will also be capable of taking care of large number of fellow citizens of our great nation Bharat.