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Refund and Cancellation Policy

At Karnal International School, we strive to provide the best educational services to our students. We understand that circumstances may arise that necessitate a refund or cancellation of services. This Refund and Cancellation Policy outlines the terms and conditions associated with such requests.

Refund Policy:

Application Fee:

  • The application fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Fees:

  • Tuition fees are refundable within the first 7 working days of the academic year.
  • A request for a refund must be submitted in writing to the school administration.
  • Refunds will be processed within 7 working days from the date of approval.

Other Fees:

  • Other fees, such as transportation fees, may be subject to specific refund conditions as outlined in the respective fee schedules.

Cancellation Policy:

Withdrawal During the Academic Year:

  • If a student withdraws during the academic year, a portion of the tuition fees may be refunded based on the school's withdrawal policy.
  • The request for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the school administration.
  • Refund amounts will be determined according to the schedule provided in the school's withdrawal policy.

Contact Information:

For any queries or assistance related to refunds and cancellations, please contact us at:

  • Karnal International School
  • Address :- Airport Road, Near Subhri, Kunjpura, Karnal Haryana – 132001
  • Email :-
  • Phone :- +91-9138977401, +91-9138977402