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Dear Parents, Greetings, Education encompasses the all-round development of a child's body, mind, and soul. As someone once said, 'Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.' At KIS, we wholeheartedly embrace this idea. We firmly believe that each of our students possesses the potential to become anything they aspire to be. With this belief as our guiding principle, our school is founded on the notion that children should be encouraged to dream and ardently pursue those dreams. We are dedicated to broadening their horizons, helping them identify their interests, and nurturing their unique talents. Our philosophy has already yielded significant results. KIS students excel in a wide array of competitions and sports events at all levels. We also place paramount importance on their mental and emotional well-being. Today, KIS transcends being just not a school; it has evolved into a movement that is reshaping not only the field of education but also society at large.